About us

Mr. Jaininder Mohan is originally from India, graduated from Lord Mahavir Medical College,
(LMH) Ludhiana.
He then started practicing homeopathy in 1992. Further, he decided to begin his journey of Homeopathy in Canada after graduating from Homeopathic College of Canada. And after achieving his degree as per the Canadian standard, he has been practicing in Toronto since 1995.
Mr.Mohan is well known in the south-asian community and specializes in treating acute and chronic cases.

One of the best inventions of the science is the discovery of homeopathy medicines which heal a body naturally. At Mohan Homeopathy Clinic, our expert homeopaths would analyze your symptoms carefully. Accordingly, our homeo specialists will recommend you the homeopathic liquid mixtures or pills to eradicate your health troubles.

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