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What is homeopathy​ ?

Homeopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine (CAM). This means that homeopathy is different from treatments that are part of conventional Western medicine in important ways.

Homeopathy is emerging as today’s choice of a system of medicine. It is one of the most gentle, natural, and reliable modes of treatment. Homeopathy offers long-lasting, and most effective results in almost all kinds of diseases whether acute or chronic, that too without producing any complications. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects; they are safe to administer to any age group including new-born children.

Principles Of Homeopathy

  • Like Cures Like
  • Totality of symptoms
  • Man as a Whole
  • Individualization
  • Minimum Dose
  • Potentization

Like Cure Like

  • Homeopathy is a medicinal approach founded on the fundamental law of ‘Similia’ which particularly means ‘like cures like’. The term ‘Homeopathy’ is basically drawn out from the Greek word ‘homeos’ and ‘pathos’, which means ‘similar’ and ‘suffering’ respectively.  So, Homeopathy is looked upon as an effective, therapeutic approach of symptom similarity. The law was widely recognized even before the time of Hahnemann. Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and others have mentioned this law time and again. However, Hahnemann was the one to bring the universality of the Similia law into the light and lift it further to turn it into a renowned medicinal approach. In Homeopathy treatment, the choice of medicines is based entirely on the principle of opting for the doses that have the utmost capability to create similar symptoms related to the disease. Homeopathy identifies the underlying cause of the disease and works on it solely to strengthen the immune system that further helps an individual to heal effectively. ‘Like Cures Like’ is the basic belief behind this medicinal approach. The treatment helps in triggering the natural defenses of one’s body.

Totality Of symptom

  • The totality of symptoms in homeopathy isn’t exactly the numerical aggregate of visible symptoms. It deals with the synthetic understanding of the concrete pictures of patients through an amalgamation of particular symptoms, general symptoms, distinctive symptoms, and rare, uncommon signs manifested by them. The totality of symptoms can be considered as the clear reflection of the inner essence of disease. It is a sole guide that helps in choosing an appropriate remedy. To cure the totality of symptoms related to a particular disease, remedies must be sought that have the tendencies to produce opposite or similar symptoms. The curative or healing power of medicine depends completely on the symptoms. However, the remedy must be superior to the disease in strength so that it can permanently, rapidly, and radically annihilate the signs. Also, the medicine must have the capability of producing the totality of symptoms, stronger than that of the disease. Totality is indeed the essence of medicines to select similar remedies and also to facilitate a cure.

Man as whole

  • Unlike other medicinal treatments, Homeopathy doesn’t focus on the patient in parts. Homeopathy does not provide different medicines for different ailments to the same individual. It rather gives a single remedy to cure the symptoms of two or more diseases present in a human body. People increasingly acknowledge the fact that body and mind are interlinked.  In the present era, there is a rapid surge of the holistic approach of diseases with a steady focus on its psychological and psychosomatic aspects. In homeopathy, it is believed that a human body is born as a sole entity. Also, it reacts and functions as one. When a body is sick, it reacts or responds as a whole entity. The signs of disease affect the whole body including an individual’s mental state.  Homeopathy provides a single medicine or remedy to a patient for treating the major symptoms harmlessly. Homeopathy is a holistic method of treatment that doesn’t believe in providing separate remedies to a person for each body part.


  • Homeopathy treatment follows the strict principle of individualization. No two individuals would get the same medicines or remedies even though they have similar symptoms. Each person is different than the other considering the temperament and nature. Even the signs are most likely to be different in two individuals suffering from a single disease. However, in the homeopathic approach, selecting an effective remedy isn’t solely based on what a person is suffering from. It focuses mostly on the features of the symptoms that you are experiencing as an individual. Homeopathy mostly considers a person’s temperament, likes and dislikes, nature that is peculiar to him/her, thus, setting the individual apart from others with the same ailment. Homeopathy, being an effective, scientific method, considers every minute detail starting from the chief complaints to the reactive patterns of an individual suffering from an ailment. Hence, everything that sets the ailing individual apart from another person suffering from the same disease is analyzed and studied. The prescription is made on the basis of entire portrait of a suffering person instead of manifesting just the signs solely for which he consults a doctor. The idea of treating a person considering his /her individual symptoms has been accepted by renowned medical practitioners in the domain.

Minimum Dose

  • Homeopathy and the bodily reaction go hand in hand. It intends not to suppress. It rather acts by stimulating exceptionally powerful healing reactions. Hence, a minimum dose is required to treat the ailment. Schulz/ Arndt law states that the largest doses are mostly lethal whereas, the small doses stimulate the organism.  In Homeopathy, the minimum dose directs the usage of the smallest amount of medicine required to attain the desired result.  The conception of minimum dose eliminates the chances of experiencing side effects otherwise seen due to the intake of large doses. Homeopathic medicines provide permanent treatment without any side-effects.  Extensive care is taken while preparing the medicines by employing the dilution method. The commonly used substance for the preparation of these medicines is diluted in medicated alcohol or water. The dilution is mostly carried out in a progressive manner leading to the existence of a small trace of the original substance in the medicines given to the patients. The dilution process is so highly refined that it becomes difficult to find the measurable trace of the medicinal substance present in it.


  • Hahnemann carried out scientific experiments that further led him to the potentization process. This method involves jerking and dilution of the drug that makes it exceptionally powerful but harmless. The very first potency of any medicine comprises a single drop of remedy in almost 99 drops of H2O. This is equivalent to a single drop of medicine in a full bottle of water.  A higher potency level involves greater dilution. The second and third potencies contain a single drop of medicine in two to three bottles of water. There is no explanation as to how the homeopathic medicines work when diluted properly to enormous limits. It is believed that in this process, the stored up energy or power of the medicinal drug is released. This process is effective in converting inert, insoluble, and poisonous substances into effectual healing agents.

Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treatment is a natural form of medicine based on the principle of symptom similarity. Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources and are diluted and potentized to make them safe.

Homeopathy treatment, when taken from a professional homeopathy doctor, is usually safe and without any side effects. Homeopathic literature says that when a remedy, which covers your symptoms very well, is administered, it is able to affect a cure rapidly and gently, even in long-standing and inveterate cases.



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